Lunes, Nobyembre 26, 2012

Mine Shafter

Welcome to a MineShafter Blogsite.

I do not own mineshafter and i dont hold any responsibility about them.

In this website, We give you

*MineShafter Proxy .jar files (this file helps you to play minecraft for free with your minecraft account)
*MineShafter Servers and Hamachi Minecraft Server Lists.

-Nova |Website Developer|

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MineShafter Lists

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MineShafter Hamachi Server Lists

If you dont have Mineshafter, You can download it here:

1. You need to update your java.
      -The latest Java version now is JRE7
*Download it at :
2. Download the mineshafter proxy at the link on top of the instructions.
*you will be able to navigate to this page:

3. Download it and you will get a .jar file

4. Click it and the minecraft launcher will appear:

*Make sure to register an account at
*NOTE: You dont need to be premium. Just register and open your account with the mineshafter proxy launcher.

5. Log in and have fun playing!
*If you see an update screen on your launcher, Just click on update and it will update to the latest version of minecraft.